Australian Cockroaches

There are almost 4000 species of cockroaches that exist!

You will only find about 6 pest species in your home.

These are the German cockroach, Australian cockroaches, American cockroach, Brown banded cockroach and the Smoky brown cockroach.

The life cycle of cockroaches depends on their species and the climate that they are in.

  • On average a female can lay 5-30 egg sacks.
  • Each sack can contain up to 40 eggs.
  • Once hatched cockroach’s can produce their own eggs within 2-4 months.
  • Early treatment will help before the issue gets our of hand.

Cockroach management is a combination of things.

  • Early comprehensive inspections.
  • High standards of sanitary conditions.
  • Reduction of food sources.
  • Reduce water sources.
  • Seal off harbour-age areas.
  • The correct application of chemicals.
The Australian cockroach is relatively large in size up to 3.5cm and are similar in appearance to the American cockroach, the body is a darker brown with the yellow markings on it head more obvious.
The Oriental cockroach is a mid sized cockroach approximately 2-2.5cm and is dark brown to black in colour.
These cockroaches prefer cooler climates; you will find these mainly in the southern parts of Australia.
The German cockroach are relatively small and is probably the most widespread and successful cockroach.
About 1-1.5cm and fairly thin, they are light amber brown in colour.
They breed prolifically, they love warm humid areas and under the right conditions populations can very quickly become out of control, they will infest almost every piece of electronic equipment in your kitchen in no time at all if left untreated.
The Brown banded cockroach is relatively small like the German cockroach and can fairly easily be confused as they are similar in colour and size. Brown banded cockroaches are pale brown with very pale bands across its body.
These cockroaches unlike German cockroaches can be found scattered all over the property.
The American cockroach is probably the largest cockroach you will find in your home up to 4cm in length.
They are a red-brown colour with a pale yellow boarder around their head.
They cockroaches can live up to 12 months in the right conditions.
The Smoky brown cockroach is about the same size as the Australian cockroach 3-3.5cm, they are dark brown to almost black in colour with no pale markings.
These all in all are very similar to the American cockroach in terms of life cycle, breading habits and areas it may harbour.