Termite Activity Identification

Signs of activity.

Mud leads on old timber fence post

External Signs of termite activity.

Externally in and around the grounds.

  • Look for mud mounds on the ground.
  • Skywards to your trees, if you see a large ball of mud in the trees it’s most likely to be a termite nest.
  • Have a look at the base of bushes and old stumps, if you see any mud leads you may be seeing signs of termite activity.
  • Check to see if you have any mud leads going up your brickwork, or timber house stumps.
  • Take a close look at timber retaining walls or pergola posts etc for mud leads.

Internal Signs of termite activity.

Internally it can be very hard to tell if termites are attacking your home, things to look for are,

  • Paint bubbling around a door or window frame, if lightly pushed on you may find that it has been eaten out behind.
  • Be careful not to put a hole there though as you will disturb the termites and they will move on to a different part of your property.
  • If you can see your ceiling is starting to bow, this may be signs that termites have eaten away at the support beams or the timber has rotted.
  • Pin holes in gyp rock could be an indication that you may have a nest inside your wall or nearby and a colonising flight will or has taken place.
  • Winged looking ants (actually termites) inside your house, it could be termites looking for a new home.
  • Any damp areas internally could be an indication of termite activity.
  • Timber wall slats could be bowing outwards or showing signs of creases.



  • It is highly recommended that a termite inspection is carried out annually every 12 months as per the industry standards.
  • Do not disturb termites that are active.
  • Reduce conducive conditions in and around your property.
  • Garden beds up against your outer walls will in most cases breach your physical barrier in new homes and will allow termites to enter your property undetected.
  • Ensure weep holes if you have them are clear and unobstructed.
  • Remove any untreated timber from site and dig up those old stumps or have them stump ground.
  • If in doubt about possible termites, it is best to get a certified termite technician in.

Did you know the tropic of Capricorn is a perfect breeding environment for termites to go about their business and colonise.

Rockhampton and it surrounds are inundated with termites.

Termites can attack any timber in service that has not been treated! even some treated timbers can be attacked by termites.

Just think, what are my floors made from, my wall frames, my roof even my furniture?

If its timber it has the potential to be attacked, softwood or hardwood, both can be attacked although generally they will go for softwoods before hardwoods.


For a copy of the Code of practice for timber pest inspections follow this link Codes of Practice